The Company

M(a)Gsolutions is a consulting company assisting corporations, institutions and organisations in all matters of communication as well as with any strategic question on their presence in the media.

M(a)Gsolutions also assists clients in the preparation, elaboration and execution of media- and press-projects with any number of specific and made-to-order solutions.

Furthermore, M(a)Gsolutions offers professional consulting in crisis communication, as well as direct assistance to corporative communication services in cases of need.

Marc Glesener (born in 1969), manager of M(a)Gsolutions, is the former editor-in-chief of the country’s largest daily newspaper “Luxemburger Wort”. He was also content-manager for all media in the “saint-paul Luxembourg” press-group. As a long-time journalist and media manager, he has acquired in-depth knowledge on Luxembourg, where his company is based, as well as on the challenges of an ever-changing universe of media and communication.